Pop punk’s not dead

Glad pop punk is part of my day again, was really missing it, it’s been turning these shitty days around. Can’t wait to get back home and have a sesh with Matt and just vibe.

Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted

Three months in country, five total away from home, 8 more to go.

Moving to a different spot in two weeks, another shithole… This time we have the privilege of staying in tents. Embrace the suck.

Glad my family has been supportive, people I thought gave a fuck fell off the grid. Time and distance can tell a lot about certain people. Still those friends that have always been like brothers have stayed around and kept in touch and have continuously sent me mail. Have also received mail and been contacted by really old friends, makes me feel bad to have lost touch with them in the first place.

Aside from all of that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now, being here makes you feel like you’re in an entire different life.


Within Destruction

Hashish (just scroll past this)

Trying to go to bed but my roommate is going ham on video games. Didn’t realize this website was a stress reliever until I lost it. I can post texts like so but not a single picture will load, de pinga asere…

The gym, the food, and the sights here are amazing… Aside from that Afghanistan fucking blows(literally lol).

Life inside the fob is simple and even surrounded by your best buds and messing around when we have down time you get lonely sometimes. I miss my family like crazy, surprisingly this has been good for us in a weird sense. I guess when you go away the bonds grow tighter. Also miss my friends back home(suck my balls)

Life when we roll out the wire gets a bit more complicated specially when you don’t know when the Taliban will ambush or set up a roadside bomb. Being on foot patrol has opened me up to a lot of the culture, being able to interact with the general population face to face has definitely been a big shock(at least I’m learning a bit of Pashto), the villagers are kind but respect around here is taken to a whole new level. It makes your realize how much we take things for granted in the states. You think a man beating a woman back in the states is disrespectful? Here it is a typical thing, women’s right went completely out the window, so ladies be glad of where you live and how society has given you so much (not saying it is enough). We can’t even stare at the women for a long period of time because they find that disrespectful(understandable) and if you see a woman without her head robe on she is executed because she has become impure because we are infidels(what the shit right?) At the same time they will put a woman in her place they will also protect them with their lives, I don’t think love is lost anywhere in the world as cruel as some cultures may be.

Who would’ve known there was wifi in Afghanistan?

Wish my internet was fast enough to load the pictures on this site.

Que clase frio

Happy New Years from Kyrgyzstan! The Russian turn up.

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